Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day!

Yesterday, I said you would not get another post from me for a while. However, as I remembered that it was Valentines Day I could at least wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!

The next thing I knew I was checking out all of my old Valentine posts, and while browsing thought "Why not show some of these again!" Hope you do not mind seeing some of them again. I picked out some of my favourites starting from 2010. So this may be a photo heavy post with lots to see.

As I like the ones I chose to re-share with you, I will start with the lower end of the totem working up to my favourites last. Some of these are from long ago before I discovered photo editing, so the photography will not always be that great, but the card is worth showing. Enjoy!

Can you tell that I love this sweet stamp set I used for Valentine cards? I still have it, and I think I will pull it out again to see what I can come up with in the next while.

Well, these are the ones that I liked best from the past years. One thing that I noticed, is that the last three years I did not post any Valentine cards. We will see what next year brings.

Hope you are inspired from these older cards even though today is Valentines day, you may have a last minute card to make, or need ideas for other times for sharing love notes, or just use the design for a totally different themed card.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day everyone! And happy creating.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

While I Am Away...BuJo 12

Welcome back for more bullet journaling stuff. For those of you that are waiting for more card making posts, this will be the last BuJo post, but I am afraid it will be a while before the next card making post will be up. I have to make some new class samples first.

As I mentioned yesterday, these photos are the 'back to regular routine' weekly layout for the 8th week of the year. Done the same as before, but has the added floral doodles. Have to think what kind of doodles, sketching, or even stamping that I will do for the month of March. That is fast approaching!

You can tell that these pages are not quite completed, but are ready enough for you to see the idea of the layout.

I am writing this last post here in Calgary a couple of days before this post is scheduled, and I want to mention something that I discovered about my bullet journal. When I went to order my bullet journal I made sure that I looked for certain recommended things for a bujo notebook. But the one I got is starting to come apart. The front cover has separated from the main part of the notebook exposing the spine. I do not believe I have mishandled my bujo, even with the travelling, so perhaps getting one that was cheaper than others may make a difference.

I have watched videos where bullet journalers have compared notebooks and chosen the ones they felt where best. A lot of them really like and use the Leuchtturm journals but find there is a bit of ghosting. So after testing them out many like the 'Scribbles that Matter' notebooks over the Leuchttrum, and then next the 'Dingbats' journals over the Leuchttrum notebooks. So, before leaving for Alberta I did not have much success finding a 'Scribbles that Matter' notebook, but did find I could order 'Dingbats'. So, I ordered two that should be home when I arrive. When February comes to a close, I will need a new one to migrate/transfer to.

Thank you for coming here to check out something that is not card or paper crafting related. I just thought you might like to see something rather than nothing for a few weeks. And, it is still creative in a different way.

If you are still interested in see future bullet journal posts any way, just make a comment below, and I will see about adding some here and there. This will be my last post for a few days, but hopefully in 10 days or so I will have something new to share with you.

In the mean time Happy Creating! And thank you for coming to this blog to check things out.

Monday, February 12, 2018

While I Am Away...BuJo 11

Ok, are you ready for more Bullet Journaling?

Well, today I am showing you two additional pages that I included. I was thinking that I may want to take what I wrote daily, or perhaps even include things that I did not write for the daily highlights, and write about the highlights of my stay in each town/city that I will be in. I must say that I am partial to these pages because of how my floral doodles turned out on them. I chose to emphasize the peach colour florals with green text for my Cardston stay with my sister, and the yellow florals with peach text for my stay in Calgary with my daughter and grandchildren.

These are it for the pages I have set up for my trip to Alberta. However, I went ahead and completed my layout for the week after I return back home as well. You know, back to the regular routine. I thought that I would have little time to do a layout, when I need to unpack, do some laundry etc. when I return because i will also need to prepare for a very basic Bullet Journal class for my church women's group just three days after my return and prepare for a Watercolour Pencil class for that Saturday with a bunch of other things in between. It seems when you return home from somewhere there is a ton of stuff to do after being away.  So, the next few scheduled posts will be showing you these layouts as well. So you can stop by tomorrow for some more BuJo spread ideas.

Happy creating!

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

While I Am Away...BuJo 10

With me traveling and spending time with family, I decided my usual weekly layout was not going to work too well. I also knew that I would be very busy with family and probably would not write as much on a daily basis as I did for January. So I figured that I would need to change all that. I decided to create daily pages that combined some of the weekly features such as the food tracker, gratitude tracker, spending tracker, and a smaller journaling portion on the page. And since I would be able to print 2 x 3 photos on my Sprocket, I could add a photo of the day kind of thing. That is why I left a blank corner in my daily layout. I even left a blank box next to the date, to doodle in the weather of the day.

Did you notice the little birthday cake doodle in the second layout? That is my symbol that it is someone's birthday, and I can go check the yearly birthday spread to find out who's it is if I have forgotten. You can see that I am showing you the layout twice. That is because I decided to use yellow date banners and peach box fills for now week, and reverse the colours for the following week. I loved adding the flower doodles here and there, too.

So when I get back from my trip I will evaluate if this setup worked for traveling or not, so that the next time I go somewhere for a few days, I will know what worked and set it up accordingly.See you tomorrow for a little more on my Bullet Journal set up for the month of February.

Happy Creating!

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

While I Am Away...BuJo 9

Whoops! It looks like I forgot to actually click post for the rest and they have been sitting in 'draft' mode the last couple of days.

Continuing on with my February monthly layout, you can see below my Habit tracker. I did it a little differently than my January one. I added more habits, and positioned all the 'add a number' rows together, all the 'colour in' rows together, and all the 'mark' ones together. And to keep with the  February theme, I added the doodle flowers. I placed the key on the right rather than at the bottom this time.

Next you will see an addition to my monthly spread; a 'Brain Dump' page where I can add thoughts, ideas, that I can remind myself of or for adding to goals or future tasks.

I did not have this for January, and am finding that I use this a fair bit and the month isn't even half done yet. I am thinking that I will continue to create a 'Brain Dump' or 'Idea Page' every month from now on, and because I like the corner doodles, I am considering adding the occasional 'Doodle Page' as well.

See you tomorrow for more Bullet Journal sharing, and "Happy Creating".

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

While I Am Away...BuJo 8

Hope your week is going well so far. Today we are continuing with the monthly part of the February set up. Everyone needs a budget, right? I decided to help keep me on track that I would use the envelope method. Though it is not literally envelopes with money in them, I can create envelopes for different categories, and fill in the amount I spend till the envelope is filled up or in other words, empty of money.

This is the first time I am trying this system for my Bullet Journal. I will see if this will work for me, keeping me on track.

Next I am sharing with your my Future Class Project pages/ I designed them differently this time so that I could include a Sprocket photo (2 x 3) of the class project on each page.

You can see that I have continued with the same colours I started out with for February, but for the Project pages, I used some different colours. I have four of these pages for the month, the other two have different colours.

Hope that you are all having a great time doing something creative this week. I am sure that I will be having a wonderful time with my sisters when you see this post.

Take care, and happy creating!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

While I Am Away...BuJo 7

Hope you are enjoying my series on my Bullet Journal while I am away. Yesterday I said we would begin with February. But, before we can do that it is good to review your bullet journaling experience over the last month, and determine what worked well for you, what did not work well, and if any changes need to made to your spreads and layouts. Not every bullet journal actually makes a spread for that, but the few that have, I realized that to be productive and to achieve your gaols, this is a good thing to do.

So this is my January Review Page. I have penciled some thoughts along the way, but will not be filling it out until I and at the airport on the 1st or on the plane. But you can see what I have done so far.

And here, just like in January, I have my "Hello February" spread that includes a printed quote Meme sticker and some flower doodling for the month. I decided to not include hearts or red or pink. I went with the happy colours of yellow and peach with at touch of pink and blue here and there.

So before I can get into the weekly/daily plans and routine, I need to take care of some monthly things; like the calendar.  I did not show you one for January, but here is February's continuing with the flower doodles. I did not do the lettering. I decided to see what I could do on the compute using some of the lovely fonts available there and my printable sticker sheets! While I was at it, I printed 'February' in different sizes using them throughout the month's set up. Since I did not want to wast sticker paper, I printed for March and April as well using different fonts. Looking forward touring them too. I also decided to not only include the next morn in miniature, but the next two. I find this very helpful when planning ahead in my notes sections.

Of course, if I want to keep my goals, I need to set up for what I can do in February to help achieve them. This is the set up I decided to try out and see if it would work for me.

Not only do I se the goal for each category, but link it to an oval that has some steps I can take in February to accomplish my yearly goals. I haven't completed it yet, and hope to do so while at the airport on the 1st.

Well that is it for today. Tomorrow we will check out some more monthly spreads.

Hope you are enjoying the tour! Take car everyone!

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Monday, February 5, 2018

While I Am Away...BuJo 6

Ready for more? More Bullet Journaling? Yesterday was a post about some of my weekly set up. I also like to write in a journal. I have times in my life when I was very faithful with that, and then years where I did not keep a journal. I decided that not only do I like to write down thoughts and happenings, but they are so interesting to go back to. So why not include a page for each day to journal? Sometimes I use less than a page, and other times a little more, but I do leave 7 pages for journaling at the end of my weekly spread.

Just a simple heading for the day, and sometimes I will include a printed Quote Meme stick, or other time a photos I took that day and print it on my Sprocket so that it is small enough to include on the page.

Half way through my weekly spreads for January, I decided to include this spread, as well as an itinerary (which I will not include in the photos). Even thous you can see what I wrote on my lists, I think you can see that I made two columns of circle bullets to fill in. One for when I pack to leave, and one for when I pack to return home so that I do not leave anything behind in Alberta.

 Well, that is it for the month of January. Tomorrow you will start to see my February spreads. Because I will be away for a while, I created my pages differently for that period of time. More of a daily layout. So be sure to stop by. I even did some doodling on the pages, which really brightened them up.

Have a great day everyone!

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

While I Am Away...BuJo 5

Welcome back for a look at my weekly BuJo set up. Just FYI, these photos are from different weeks.

First off, I wanted to include the three categories that apply in my life; work, home/personal, & church. I am not showing you my first weekly layout, as it was not quite what worked for me. However, what you will see, is a slight adaptation of what I had before. The change is the "dutch door" I created. a dutch door in the Bullet Journaling world, is where you with cut a part of the page or fold it in half. In my case I liked the look of the folded page. It was easier too. The only draw back, however, is the thickness created close to the spine of the journal with those folded pages. I may have to cut them after all, just to keep the bilk down a bit.

\What I like about the "dutch door" is that I no longer have to set up the dates on the next page because when you flip the dutch for you can still see the dates from the first page!

I wanted to include the weather every day, so I created the triangle by the date to include that. I am glad that I made separate sections for Work, Home/Personal, & Church. I can keep it separate, but have it together on the same day. Works great for me.

When you flip the dutch door, you can access a notes sections and reveal the food & water tracker, along with the gratitude column. Love these all. Even though I still struggle some days with the amount of water I drink, I am more aware of it and therefore am doing better than I did before the tracker. I also love the 'gratitude' column! It has made such a difference in my life. I will keep doing all of these.

When you flip the page (different week seen here), I included "learned something new today" section. I am surprised at the end of each day, of the little new things I learn. Love doing this as well. you may not, as it does take additional time to not only create but to write in everyday.

Also included is my Weekly Expense section usually accompanied by a small Meme printed sticker. I love quotes and the inspiration they can be. By keeping track of the money you spend, you can see where the dollars go! Helps me to think twice, most of the time, before spending even a dollar.

Well, one more January weekly post, and then I can show you my February set up!

Thank you for checking in again today! Hugs to everyone.

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

While I Am Away...BuJo 4

Glad to see that you are checking in to see more of my Bullet Journal. Today we finally get to my first monthly section, in other word January set up. I am a religious person, so you will see a lot of relies themed quotes in my BuJo. I started January with this page Meme sticker that I printed. And I started by using the colours in the image.

I used to do calligraphy in my late teens and early 20's but never really kept it up, and you can tell in my lettering. But I am still having fun with it and enjoying it.

Looks like I forgot to take a photo of my January Calendar. There isn't time to take it now and edited it to include in this post, as I am just hours away from leaving when I write this. But I will include the one I created for February in a later post.

Here in the next photo I have two of 4 pages that I created as Project Spreads. These are classes that I worked on during the month for  future March classes. If I need to check up on anything, I can turn to these pages. I do have another notebook that I use while creating my class samples with sketches, measurements, and notes (some of which are included here), but it is not always neat, and I include only what I need to refer to in the future.

I even purchased for myself a Sprocket printer so that I can include small photos (3" x 2") or cut them us as I did here. After these layouts, I decided to make my February ones just little different. You will see these in a future post.

Next, I have my "Habit Tracker". I included on the list of habits, things that I want to work on from my goals. I also included tracking my water intake, the hours of sleep I get, my back pain levels and anxiety levels.

You can see that there are some things that I still have not done, others more sporadic, and some I doing well in. What I like about trackers is that even if you do not do something all the time, you can still see that you are doing OK. I used to get upset with myself when I missed doing something in a day or a week, but when you can see how much you are doing any way. you do not feel too bad, and see where you need to work harder, without getting upset at yourself.

I will be changing my Habit tracker just a little for February, but not leaving out anything that is part of my goals.

So, have you been looking in Bullet Journaling now? Are you curious and researching it a bit now?

Be sure to visit again tomorrow as we will be getting into my weekly spreads.

Have a great day everyone!

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